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Population and Social Issues in Mental Health



In amidst of such factors as earning, life and property security, living conditions, social relation, health, etc., happiness of Thai society is being challenged. ‘The Annual Report of Thailand’s Mental Health Situation Project’, is initiated by the Institute of Population and Social Research of Mahidol University, and funded by Mental Health Promotion Program under the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. This project started in 2008. The main objectives are to study factors affecting mental health and happiness of Thai people at the national and local levels, produce academic publication and form academic networks with relevant organizations.


Objective of the project

1. Exploring the demographic, social, economic and other factors affecting mental health and happiness of individuals
2. Forming academic networks with relevant organizations to promote mental health and happiness
3. Conduct and publicize academic reports regarding mental health and happiness



1. Outputs of the project are used as reference concerning Thailand’s mental health and happiness.
2. Academic networks with relevant organizations are formed and collaborating.
3. Academic reports and papers are published in peer-reviewed national and international journals.



1. Institute of Population and Social Research, Mahidol University
2. National Statistical Office of Thailand
3. Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health of Thailand
4. Ministry of Interior
5. Mental Health Promotion Program


Contribution and implementation


1. Findings and results of the study will be implemented through mental health centers at all levels in consistent with respective areas
2. Alliances of the project help disseminate, through media, the findings to the in order to promote the spirit of happiness sharing to be a national policy.